Mason Hahns Inc.

Water & Wastewater Services in Central Texas

Mason Hahn’s offers service for residential and commercial water well service, irrigation pumps, solar pumps, electrical service, water treatment, etc: Family owned, has served Mason County for over 40 years.

Please give us a call at 325-347-2195; we look for the opportunity to serve you!

Licensed As Follows:

  • ST Pump LI 41171 I
  • OSSF Installer II OS6201
  • OSSF Site Evaluator OS11716
  • OSSF MaintenanceCon Provider MP519
  • Master Plumber M36956
  • Master Electrician 00007979
  • Contractor TECL 20599
  • Class D Water Operator 0044218
  • Yaskawa Certification – Troubleshooting 1000 Series Drives

Our Services

Water Treatment

Water Softeners, Iron & Sulfur Removal, Brackish Water & R/O Systems, Automatic Valves

Public Water Supply

Municipal & Subdivision Systems, Booster Pump Stations, Storage Tanks & Remote Monitoring

Well & Solar Pumps

Submersible Water Well Pumps, Solar Pumps & Pump Booster Packages

Pressure & Storage Tanks

Well Pressure Tanks, Well Water & Rainwater Collection Storage Tanks & Accesories

Wastewater Treatment

Eco-pod Wastewater Treatment, 5,000-20,000 Gallon Sewage Treatment Systems

Tank Monitors

Yaskawa VFD, Radio Automation, & Ranchbot Tank Monitoring Systems

SCADA Automation

Remote diagnostics, alarm messaging and monitoring directly from your computer or mobile device

MASON HAHNS INC - Give us a call today!

– 325-347-2195 –
Family Owned & Serving Mason County for over 40 years
Installation of Ecopod Wastewater Treatment saved the day in remote commercial areas
Providing municipal water & wastewater services for reasonable prices
Water well pumps, storage & remote monitoring for your entire ranch at the touch of a button

MASON HAHNS INC - Give us a call today!

– 325-347-2195 –

About the Owner

Owner Gary Hahn has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. Over time he has obtained many certifications further qualifying him for: Master Plumber RMP36956, Master Electrician 7979, Electrical Contractor 20599, OSSF Installer2 OS0006201, OSSF Maintenance Provider MP0000519, OSSF Site Evaluator OS0011716, Class D Water Operator WO0044218, Master Pump Installer 4117I, Railroad Commission Certification MGR.

Gary also specializes in installing SCADA systems for monitoring and controls. He is an authorized technician for Yaskawa, Ion Products, Seametrics, Watch Water, Rayvoss, and ModMag M-Series.


Give Gary a call today for help on your next project!