Monitor Remotely

Monitor and control one or more devices via ethernet or discreet I/O.

This application diagram shows a typical setup where the VS350 SCADA Server is connected to 4 analog input signals (0-10V,0/4-20mA), 2 digital inputs and a relay output accessed via the cloud server. Users are able to create their own dashboard, setup long-term datalogging and alarm handling. Receive notification via e-mail or text message when an alarm occurs.

Online Dashboard

Create your custom dashboards directly online!

Instant access to the pre-configured parameters and dashboards or create your own dashboard, select signals to monitor and create alarm thresholds.


Detect critical events by setting the threshold level on available signals. The alarm and event handler can be set up to keep an eye on critical thresholds. The system sends an alert via email or text if necessary.

Data Logging

Select which signals to use for long-term data logging. Log signals with date and time stamp. Data is stored on the cloud server and can be viewed or exported (Excel) at anytime.

Water Reporting made easy!

Create public water reports from data logs stored on the SCADA server