Yaskawa VFD

Yaskawa’s family of iQpump

Yaskawa offers a wide variety of package options and the most advanced comprehensive pump and motor protection in the industry, while still maintaining ease of setup and diagnostics designed for pump operators and service technicians. Our integrated pump specific software allows for a wide range of pumping applications from constant pressure, flow, geothermal, multiple pump booster systems to wet well lift stations and many others. Designed with the user in mind, iQpump drives use intuitive pump related terminology, with simple process control selection of engineering units such as PSI, GPM, feet, meters, degrees, inches of mercury, and many other units.

Radio Automation

Industrial wireless radios

Easily replace discrete, analog, serial, and ethernet signal wires. With no setup software needed, data radios are easy to apply, use, and support. With wireless I/O, you can create expandable point-to-multi-point wireless networks that distribute I/O over large areas.

RanchBot Monitoring Solutions

Monitor your water remotely!

The MyRanchbot platform enables you to view live updates of your water resources. Bringing water insights to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Easy installation

Install your Ranchbot Water Level Sensor to your tank in 10 minutes. Switch it on, finalize your MyRanchbot profile and you are good to go.

Real-time alerts

Be notified of changes to your water levels with real-time alerts to your cell and email.

Cross ranch display

There are no limits to the number of locations you can monitor. Each sensor connects to the one dashboard and multiple staff members can access the account.

Always stay connected

Login and check your water levels from anywhere, anytime.